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Professional Threading Course

When: September 20th and September 21st

Where: Shihan’s Day Spa

             304 West Main Street

             Avon, CT

860-678-0200 to register


Course Fee: $650 total,  $300 deposit required when registering,  full payment due first day of seminar.  Beginner’s kit is      included and vegetarian lunch is provided.

Certificate of Achievement in Threading

Become a professional in the ancient art of threading after completing our 2day intensive training seminar.  Threading is an ancient art of hair removal in which a loop is made with a cotton thread, and is pulled along unwanted hair using a twisting motion which lifts the hair right out of the follicle.  The end result is hair removal lasting up to 6weeks without using harsh chemicals or waxing. Threading is all natural and safe for everyone. Over time, hair will stop growing because repetitive threading diminishes the hair follicle, leading to beautifully, groomed eyebrows and beautiful skin.

Course Outline – Day 1

 Introduction- Basics of Threading

History and Benefits of Threading

Safety and Sanitation

Contraindications and Precautions of Threading

How to work with the thread, creating a loop, and how threading works

Different threading methods/techniques- Shihans way to thread

Threading eyebrows and creating different eyebrow shapes


One on one training with Shihan

Day 2

Facial threading (eyebrows, lip, chin, cheeks, forehead) excluding head

Continued practice threading under Shihans supervision

How to work as a threading specialists independently, in salons/spas, full or part time

How to attract clients with little advertising

Revenue potential for professional threaders


Shihan skinpro recovery system

Conclusion/closing discussion

Hand out certificates

For more information please call Shihan 860-678-0200 or email at  Space is limited and seats fill up fast due to high demand, so don’t wait.  Certified, professional threading specialists have the potential to earn 52K-75K Plus Tips per year.  Kick start your financial life in 2days!

Shihan Farzinzad

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