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Eyebrow Threading

Threading is known for its precision compared to other hair removal techniques, which is why it’s praised in the beauty community as the most effective brow shaping and maintaining method. It is also an all-natural process, and thus prevents skin irritation and the onset of premature wrinkles around the eye area.



Upper Lip Threading 


Threading is the ideal strategy for removing hair in smaller areas like the upper lip. While these hairs tend to be darker and more visible, regular threading of the upper lip can gradually reduce hair growth and the thickness of each hair.




Chin/Sideburn Threading

Many women, especially after menopause, struggle with the coarser, darker areas that develop on their chin and jawline. As these hairs grow faster, it is important to abide by a regular hair removal schedule, and to choose a technique like threading that won’t damage the skin or leave chemical residue.



Eyebrow & Upper Lip


This is our most popular and convenient combination as the eyebrows and the upper lip require frequent maintenance, and the hairs usually grow faster and darker than other hairs around the face. Regular threading treatments will gradually reduce the rate of hair growth and the width of each hair, thus making it the ideal hair removal treatment for all women.



Upper Lip & Chin


Although it frequently caters to women who struggle with increased hair growth post-menopause, it is still a convenient and effective service for women with a lot of visible hair or peach fuzz around the chin and upper lip.

Full-Face Threading

Threading is more than just a method of hair removal; it distinguishes itself from other epilation methods as an all-natural, chemical-free skincare treatment. The countless, proven benefits of facial threading will make integrating a regular, full-face threading treatment a revolutionary addition to your current skincare routine. While the precision of threading allows it to remove the finest of hairs and peach fuzz, the gentle friction between the skin and thread allows this technique to also function as a natural exfoliant with anti-aging and skin-rejuvenating results.When the uppermost layer of skin cells are removed, the skin is noticeably more radiant and the cells begin to naturally revitalize. The absence of harsh chemicals and tugging at the skin in threading treatments prevents the onset of premature wrinkles, and instead rather gently encourages collagen regeneration. This absence ultimately minimizes skin irritation, making threading ideal for women with skin sensitivity. Redness won’t last longer than one hour post-treatment, and the results are longer-lasting than any other hair removal method. It is highly recommended that you get a full-face threading every six to eight weeks, especially before a facial; Your skin and pores will be exposed, and products will easily penetrate into the skin.


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