Eyelash Tint


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For those who want to wake up every morning with longer and fuller looking lashes without the hassle of applying mascara, then eyelash tinting is an ideal option. We offer a wide color range from which you may select whichever shade best suits your interests, which will ultimately depend on how natural you’d like them to look. Tints will last up to two months depending on your level of care. A longer-lasting solution is eyelash extensions, which is further described in its subcategory below.


Eyebrow Tint


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Eyebrow tinting will enhance, shape, and define your brows, and it is also useful for those who’d like to match their brow color to their hair color. It only takes about twenty minutes, yet the results can last for up to two months post-treatment depending on your level of care. If you’d like a more permanent option for your brows, we recommend microblading; this is a procedure that is further described below.


Lash Lift



Women who have stubbornly straight lashes should consider a lash lift; it will immediately beautify your eyes by curling them and allowing the length thickness of your lashes. This will automatically boost the beauty of your natural lashes. A lash tint will be sufficient alone, but can be done in combination with a lash tint for a reduced price. Lash lifts are long-lasting, and when done in combination with a tint, may be a cheaper alternative to eyelash extensions for women who already have naturally long, thick eyelashes.


Eyelash Extensions – Full Set


Eyelashes are an incredibly important and feminine feature, and a makeup look cannot be completed without proper attention to the lashes; but with eyelash extensions, you can finally ditch your lash curlers, tubes of mascara, and the daily hassle of application. Wake up every morning with long, fluttery lashes that will enhance your beauty and draw attention to your most expressive feature – your eyes. We offer a variety of lash lengths and thicknesses depending on natural you’d like them to look, but a full set of lashes, each individually attached your own, can suit your every need.


Eyelash Extensions – Partial Set


In partial-set extensions, individual lashes will be applied to the outer lashes only or subtly distributed along your entire lash line. Choosing to place them on the outer edges of your lash line will result in a cat-eye effect, while choosing to have them distributed along your lash line will appear natural despite adding to the thickness and length of your lashes. The placement of the lashes will ultimately depend on your desired look.


Eyelash Extensions – Refill


Eyelash extensions can remain full and beautiful for up to six weeks depending on your level of care; however, your natural lashes will sometimes fall out before then. The intervals of time in between application is dependent on your preferences; some clients wait two weeks while others wait four weeks. When you come in for a refill, your lash line will be thoroughly cleaned and the individual lashes will be reapplied as needed.The price will vary depending on the number of lashes used.